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Tajikistan is a small, mountainous country located in Central Asia. Some 90 percent of its land area is covered by the soaring peaks of the Pamir Mountains, which rise to more than 24,000 feet and are home to the world’s most sought-after wild sheep, the Marco Polo argali. Tajikistan, with Kyrgyztan, is one of just two countries in the world where these magnificent argali can be hunted. Because of the sheer difficulty of access and the remoteness of the terrain they inhabit, Marco Polo are very abundant here.

Hunts for Marco Polo argali occur at extreme altitude ( 3700 to 4500 m) – (12500 to 14500 ft) in very challenging terrain, and good physical condition is a must.

Average shooting distance is (350 to 450 meters) – (400 to 500 yards), so rifles in the .300 magnum class are generally recommended, and hunters should be well-practiced and comfortable shooting at longer distances.

The high-altitude terrain can get extremely cold and windy. Since the climate is very dry, staying hydrated is a must.

Average horn length for Marco Polo sheep taken in Tajikistan ranges (from 140 to 150 cm) – (55- 59 inches), but every year some sheep of 60 inches (153 cm) and larger are taken.  Mid-Asian ibex trophy quality is very good, ranging between ( 105 – 125 cm) – ( 42- 50 inches).

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