Welcome to hunting in Kyrgysztan

Hunting in Kyrgyzstan gives to the hunters opportunties to hunt some sheeps and Ibex. During your stay on this beautiful country you can get the desired trophy. Kyrgyzstan is called a great country with friendly people and high-quality trophies. A wonderful mountainous country in Central Asia gives perfect chances for hunting, variety of animals and beautiful landscapes.

The country is almost completely mountainous, being found at the juncture of two great Central Asian mountain systems – Tian Shan and the Pamirs.

Snow-capped mountain peaks, crystal clear lakes, rushing streams, highland pastures and meadows, unique flora and fauna are what make up the land of this small country.
Let’s go  hunting in Kyrgyzstan to enjoy your adventures and get high quality trophies.

In Kyrgysztan we providе

Big games hunting

  • Marco Polo Sheep
  • Tian Shan Sheep
  • Tian Shan Ibex